Before getting into details of how it is to home school your kids and what might be positive and negative aspects of it allow me to explain how I’ve decided to become a private teacher to my angels :)

Not long after Cindy started kindergarten she came to me in tears saying she doesn’t want to go to school anymore and didn’t want to take her bag at all. After inquiring with her for a little while she said that the day before another girl told her she was ugly and said that no matter how cute her outfit is, she will always be ugly. I hugged her and thought what my next move would be.

angrySo after talking her into coming to school with me and promising I will take care of it I went to speak to her teacher. She agreed that such behavior is unacceptable and proceeded to lecture class about how important it is to be nice. But the name calling continued and talking with the girls parents didn’t help at all. One day as I came to pick up Cindy she was all in tears, obviously crying for a while. As I asked what happened she didn’t respond but just showed her little toy horse, its stuffing has fallen out.

I was furious and asked her who did it, she pointed at the girl who was still sitting at her desk, coloring her book. As I approached her I kept wondering how could such small kids be so mean. I knelled down to her and told her she have to stop being mean towards Cindy, that she is hurting her feelings.

She looked in my eyes, and laughed.

I’m was an teacher before Amanda came into my life and became a housewife. I was so upset after that point that I didn’t care about other options and said I was going to school her at home, for a little while. Well as it turns out home schooling is doing great as you will see in my next blog post. Cindy is very happy, smart and loves to socialize.


As this is my first blog post I would like to begin by explaining how we’ve decided became All Knowledge Adopters.

John and I were attempting to have a child for about two and a half years but to no avail. We had discussed being foster parents, but hadn’t started the process until one day we got a call from a friend of ours asking if we would take her grandchild that was in state custody. We were lucky and the state certified us as special certification foster parents. We had to fill out a lot of paperwork, get fingerprinted and start the home study process before the kids could move in but things moved pretty fast.

As little Cindy entered our lives John and I started going to bed every night smiling, we finally had a family. At first everything was new and a little bit difficult for all of us, but as more time passed the closer and better relationship we built. I will never forget the first time she called me her mommy :)

After quite a while Department of Human Resources gave us full custody of her. Shockingly enough it was a single sheet of paper and signing it felt just so… indescribable.  Our little Cindy was ours food good now and there was no one to come between us.

We’ve kept very close contact with her grandparents as they were our friends and sometimes we would visit her parents too. She loved seeing them but they had some personal problems I would rather not go into. Our little Cindy has two mommies, two daddies and a looooot of grandparents. And she loves spending time with all of them. She is shockingly social, especially when compared to an introvert like myself and have comments ready for everything like the little smartass she is.

Eventually we’ve realized how happy she was, with how many loving people she is surrounded with, and just how insanely happy we’ve become since she came into our lives and enriched them. “So, lets get another!” my husband said one day, suffice to say I agreed immediately.

After a lot of discussion we have decided for adoption. Cindy entered our family when she was five and half years old, and this time we wanted to have a little baby in our home. A new challenge some might say :)

I will avoid going through all the hardships of paperwork and such details as that is not the subject I want to share here. I would like to share the moment we entered a ward and we heard a single baby crying, as it turned out it was a tiny little lady weighting at 8 pounds named Amanda. As I was told I immediately turned into a little girl myself as I kept jumping around and repeatedly saying “She’s sooo cuuute, so cuuuute. Oh my god just so cuute! I want to hold her! Can i hold her? Oh my god she’s soooooooooo cuuuuute!”. That was it, she was already in my heart.

We met her biological parents very short after. They were a very young couple which couldn’t afford taking care of Amanda and was against abortion. Their names are Christopher and Lucy, and as it turns out close friends of ours to this very day.

Now, taking in a little baby was suffice to say interesting. I feel like I am a champion of sleepless nights filled with cries, a living legend when it came to concern that Amanda might be feeling ill. As much as I thought I was prepared, I wasn’t. But eventually I became a master when it comes to changing diapers, preparing quick meals, jumping around whole house day and night just trying to get things down and take care of my three kids (John included). I was insanely tired, and double that happy with my life.

Chris and Lucy started visiting us often and spend quality time with Amanda, I’ve gotten a little bit (A LOT) worried that they might want her back but somehow I was reassured that was not the case. That’s when I realized that every parent just wants to be a part of their child’s life. When knowing how it would make me feel to have her disappear out of my life, how could I possibly be able to keep them away. So we saw each other often, and our friends and family kept on growing, and by that I mean we decided to adopt yet another one :)

When we met Ashley she was 10 months old, her parents didn’t want anything to do with her. Just literally didn’t care at all, it was a shocking experience knowing someone wouldn’t care about such little bundle of joy. Perhaps it especially upset me since I cannot even have a child of my own, I do not know. Ashley is our latest addition to the family, our little blue eyed angel has celebrated her first birthday recently. Cindy is acting like a big girl and takes good care about her little sisters.

We are now one huge happy family.

adorable little girl thinking what to write

As a mother, sometimes I look at my little girls and wonder if I’m doing the best for them. In the world we live in today, everything is being automated and outsourced. It’s moving at such a fast pace that it’s worrying to think that what we’re teaching our kids today, may not be relevant to them as adults. It got me to thinking about some jobs that will always be in demand, and are likely to stand the test of time.

It is important, when thinking about educating your kids to focus on areas of leadership, innovation and creativity. This is one of the main reasons I ultimately decided to home-school my girls. Creativity is stamped out of kids minds at an early age. They’re not taught to think outside the box, they are taught to be “workers”, and to pass tests.

It’s also really difficult for young kids to learn to believe in themselves when they are faced with bullies everyday at school. This is something my own daughter struggled with and was one of my influences to home-school. So many kids have such poor self confidence that they never get a chance to express who they are and to be natural leaders.

So here are some careers that I believe will still be viable in 2034, 20 years from now:

1) Chef: This one is a no-brainer. There is no way we will be able to fully automate cooking. Even though they’re experimenting with 3D printing food, I just don’t think that will ever be able to replace the experience of eating a tastefully prepared meal from a talented chef. Food is both an art and a science, and there is a reason people still go out to restaurants to eat good food as opposed to buying everything in cans. This is one career that won’t ever be rendered obsolete.

2) Startup CEO: Leadership and motivation cannot be outsourced. In the future it is estimated that a lot of companies will be run by a much smaller staff, simply because there will be less of a need. If you train your kids to wait on a “job” they may never find it. The world is always open for new ideas. For example, Snapchat recently turned down a deal from Facebook for 3 billion dollars. They only had 20 employees! We have to teach our kids to be confident in themselves and their ideas, and also to follow through!

3) Fashion Designer: Fashion will never die. Fashion has been around ever since we donned our first loin cloth, and it will be here for thousands of decades to come. Fashion design requires creative input that cannot be replicated by any machine. While the manufacturing of garments is notoriously outsourced, the creative genius behind top designs are what keeps brands prestigious and keeps them afloat. It’s also this same genius that produces young designers flourishing on the scene each year.

4) Website Broker: The majority of corporations being expected to form in the future will be internet based. Tech Startups and even eCommerce websites all have a strong presence online. Both the selling and acquisition of these multimillion dollar internet based business will have to be negotiated and managed by a website broker. Check out more about what website brokers do here.

5) Stylist: Stylists and aestheticians will never be out of demand. Men and women will always want to feel beautiful and well groomed right? I know several stylists who are excellent at what they do and are successful business owners. There is something about the precise skill and dexterity required when shaving or styling someone’s hair that will never be able to be replicated by robots.


Last week we went to the Jekyll Island and had just amazing time. It was also the first time any of our girls have seen the ocean, such vast amount of water. They couldn’t get over how much water there is :)

John was teaching Cindy how to swim while I was taking care of Amanda and Ashley. She was so scared but yet so brave, now that I think about it she was more scared entering the cold water then that her father will let go of her. She was a fast learner, swimming like a cute little puppy at first, moving her hands fast under water.
angrychildAs she was walking out of water she just stared at me. I was wondering why is my girl so upset? Have I done something? She continued to stare at me and just said “You promised me ice cream if I will be able to swim.” Oh how I laughed. That girl really loves her ice cream :)

So we got the ice cream, we walked on the beach, we talked. It was such a great experience to see how all our girls were happy, marveling at the world, and playing with sand. I live for moments like those.


Well its this time of the year again. That very problematic time of the year if you have a huge family and lots of people coming for Christmas dinner. But a woman have to do her thing and cook, and prepare everything some would say.

Well not this woman, John is an excellent cook and my sister will be coming to help out as well. So hopefully everything will go well. The big question for me was what kind of presents will I get for my family.


John loves all sorts of gadgets and Cindy is just like him. Amanda and Ashley are still very young, I guess I won’t have any problems there. My sister already told me she wants what she wants, Google Glass. Good luck with that huh? Rest of my family is surprisingly easy to shop for. Some like to read, others love clothes and so on. But what about gadgets, what kind of technology should I get to John since he already has everything I can think of. I could really use some ideas from my dearest readers.

He have a desktop pc, a laptop and a smartphone. Cindy have a sturdy little Nokia phone to ensure it doesn’t brake. Should I perhaps buy a new phone for John and give her his old one? Hmmm.. but his phone is only couple of months old. I suppose I am left with my thoughts. I still got a little bit of time! :)

What about the blog readers, are you guys looking forward to Christmas? What kind of things do you desire from your loved ones?


As some of you may know for the last couple of months I’ve been a housewife which I am enjoying even though it can be very hard at times. Sometimes I want to get back to work so I can relax a little. hehe

Anyway in recent months we adopted Ashley and Amanda and we now just have a single income from John. Suffice to say we are cutting back on a lot of things. The first thing to go was Johns smoking habit, cheers for that! We also pretty much stopped going out, not that we have any time with this little devils around :)

babymoneyI am starting to feel a bit older, and very motherly. There’s so much responsibility taking care of three kids, managing budget, home schooling, arranging visits with their biological parents. All money that was going towards nights out, good wine, make up, hair salons and so on is now going straight into diapers. That’s right, money I was using just couple of months ago to shop for things I enjoy are now a device for collecting poop.

I was thinking for a while to get back to work, hire a nanny and send Cindy back to school. But I know she doesn’t like the idea and I love spending time with her, tutoring her, laughing, playing, arguing, taking care of her little sisters. She is so young and we are having a relationship like best friends :)

Well we are traveling less, spending less on ourselves, barely managing to keep up with the bills and we are very, very happy. I really do agree that money doesn’t buy happiness, its all about the people that surround you, the people you love.