Bearded Daddies and Their Little Girls


beard oilHi! It’s John, Jennifer asked me to share a little of the joy I feel about being a father raising three beautiful and amazing daughters.

There is an old saying that a woman’s first love is their father and it is their father who they compare every other man to.  Every day I strive to be the kind of man I would want my daughters to fall in love with.

I treat them like I treat my wife, with a lot of respect, understanding, and compassion.  I make all of their interests important to me, and I share all of my interests with them as well.

Cindy is starting to become interested in play make-up.  I let her do my make up on the weekends, of course I wash it off, but sitting there for 30 minutes while she puts it on is worth the final reveal in the mirror.  She always giggles like a maniac.  It is precious to me.

She also enjoys watching me take care of my facial hair and she tries to give me tips and tricks.  “Daddy, trim that bit.” “Daddy it’s too dry and scratchy.”  Luckily, I don’t get the second complaint too much unless I’m out of my favorite beard oil from Beardbrand.

Amanda has a ton of energy so I’ve introduced her to the wonderful world of sports.  We go outside and kick a soccer ball around, or practice hitting a wiffle ball with one of those over sized plastic bats. That girl could run forever, but she’s kept me in shape so that’s nice.

Amanda also loves to watch sports with me.  She is the Detroit Lion’s biggest little fan.  That girl can scream.  When it’s game time Cindy puts on her play makeup and cheer leading outfit and Amanda grabs her little jersey, Ashley snuggles on my lap, and we all have a great time together.

Ashley, the sweet baby of the bunch, just wants everyone to be happy.  I make sure to take my time when being with Ashley.  She is very low energy and can get frustrated easily, especially with the other two running around all of the time.

Ashley thinks of some of the sweetest things for people.  The other day I was coughing and in walked Ashley trying to hand me her sippy cup.  It was so kind.  Instead of my initial “No, thank you” reaction, I sucked it up and drank out of the sipply cup.

It wasn’t pleasant, kids get some disgusting food particles inside of those, but it wasn’t about me.  It was about respecting her kindness and showing her that her thoughtfulness had helped me.

The reason I am this way with the girls is because I want them to know that they are worth it.  They are worth everything in the world and what they have to say is important to me, and it needs to be important to their future partners as well. I love these three little girls with every ounce of my being.