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A burglar came to my neighbours house recently. At the discovery of the intruder she bravely let out a scream waking up the whole household. At the sound of her scream, the would-be thief ran off.

Unfortunately, in my line of work a lot of people aren’t as lucky. Usually, they are not home and the thieves have broken in and taken off with their possessions.

I consider myself a lucky man. My wife and I live in a good house in a nice neighbourhood. Our neighbours are great and we look out for each other.

But as someone in the security industry, it has made me think.

I like to think that I would go “Kung Fu” and kick some intruder butt. However, the reality is I don’t know what I would do if an intruder entered my home.

The best way is to secure my home so it never comes to that situation.

Here are some tips I recommend for any family home.

Firstly, get some visibly strong locks. Intruders will try and get in through your doors and windows. A deterrent like a visible and sturdy lock is a good step towards security.

A lot of people also forget to lock their doors. This might sound obvious, but our locksmiths have been called out to houses where people have been robbed while they were in the shower. It was a hot night, so they had their front doors open, but their screen door closed. The thieves had let themselves right in.

Always make sure to double check your windows and doors before leaving the home or going to bed. Make sure that your doors and windows all have sturdy locks and anti-entry devices to prevent the locks being removed from their frames.

Installing an alarm definitely helps. Believe it or not, a lot of people don’t have an alarm installed. If they do, people often forget to set it.

One suggestion I recommend is the installation of motion activated lights. These lights are designed to illuminate shadowed parts of your home and access points whenever something moves across the sensor. It’s handy. You can set it up so you don’t have to worry about flipping on a light when you are expecting visitors or taking out the garbage. It also acts as a good deterrent to anyone sneaking around your home.

A big weakness I have discovered over time is the back door of many homes. The front door is often sturdy, but the back door can be comparatively flimsy. It is an easy target for a would-be intruder to kick down. Make sure you install thick, solid wood doors on all entries to your home.

Another option to consider is installing a fireproof safe. If a thief does get into your house, then this adds an extra layer of security for your jewellery and other precious possessions. Make sure to bolt the safe to the floor otherwise, a strong intruder could carry it away and open it later.

Getting a locksmith in to assess the security of our home is a great idea. We can assess your house’s security and provide some excellent tips specific to your home as well.

How to watch Netflix overseasIt’s every parent’s nightmare: You walk into a room and find your eight-year-old watching a movie or TV show filled with graphic violence, explicit sex scenes, and vulgar language. In these modern times of accessible Internet and TV programming, age-inappropriate material is already far too easy for our children to get their hands on. So how can we, as parents, make sure that our kids are watching stuff that won’t give them the wrong messages at a highly impressionable age?

Movie streaming subscription services have become a favorite for family entertainment, especially popular and accessible choices like Netflix that can be watched anywhere with a VPN. Many online streaming services (including Netflix) do contain a built-in Parental Controls setting that offer a considerable degree of protection. These content monitoring settings can make it easier for a watchful parent to put blanket restrictions on what types of movies and TV material their children can access and watch.

Setup instructions for these controls are generally user friendly and can be accessed from the Your Account menu by clicking on the Manage Profiles option. Netflix’s parental controls can be changed from a computer, and any changes you make will apply to all devices that are signed in to that Netflix account, including tablets, smartphones, and other computers. All Netflix accounts offer the option to create individual profiles for separate viewers with up to five profiles per account, and a different level of content restriction can be applied to each profile.

Parental Controls also offer varying levels of “maturity” in terms of material and content, so a parent can allow different types of content access for multiple children of different ages. Netflix offers four defined maturity levels: Little Kids, Older Kids, Teens, and Adults. Of course, it’s each parent’s prerogative in this case to decide whether their “older kid” is old enough for material rated PG-13 or TV-14.

But do these controls offer enough protection to keep our kids from finding the stuff we don’t want them to watch? At this time, the control settings are especially easy to navigate, and there’s no way to stop one profile user from using a different profile if they know how to access it. There are no tricks and no passwords currently coded into Netflix’s safety settings.

It’s certainly not out of the question that a slightly precocious “older kid” could work out how to change those content controls without a parent’s permission. And on that note, I can only imagine how quickly a determined teen or pre-teen would figure out how to bypass the Parental Controls into a wealth of violence and overtly sexual content.

All alarming flaws aside, I’m still glad Netflix and other services have made an effort to protect children and families by allowing parents to set restrictions for kids who may want to spend an afternoon watching their favorite shows on Daddy’s iPad. I’m sure improvements will come with time, and until then, us parents will just have to keep a close eye on those after-school cartoon sessions.

beard oilHi! It’s John, Jennifer asked me to share a little of the joy I feel about being a father raising three beautiful and amazing daughters.

There is an old saying that a woman’s first love is their father and it is their father who they compare every other man to.  Every day I strive to be the kind of man I would want my daughters to fall in love with.

I treat them like I treat my wife, with a lot of respect, understanding, and compassion.  I make all of their interests important to me, and I share all of my interests with them as well.

Cindy is starting to become interested in play make-up.  I let her do my make up on the weekends, of course I wash it off, but sitting there for 30 minutes while she puts it on is worth the final reveal in the mirror.  She always giggles like a maniac.  It is precious to me.

She also enjoys watching me take care of my facial hair and she tries to give me tips and tricks.  “Daddy, trim that bit.” “Daddy it’s too dry and scratchy.”  Luckily, I don’t get the second complaint too much unless I’m out of my favorite beard oil from Beardbrand.

Amanda has a ton of energy so I’ve introduced her to the wonderful world of sports.  We go outside and kick a soccer ball around, or practice hitting a wiffle ball with one of those over sized plastic bats. That girl could run forever, but she’s kept me in shape so that’s nice.

Amanda also loves to watch sports with me.  She is the Detroit Lion’s biggest little fan.  That girl can scream.  When it’s game time Cindy puts on her play makeup and cheer leading outfit and Amanda grabs her little jersey, Ashley snuggles on my lap, and we all have a great time together.

Ashley, the sweet baby of the bunch, just wants everyone to be happy.  I make sure to take my time when being with Ashley.  She is very low energy and can get frustrated easily, especially with the other two running around all of the time.

Ashley thinks of some of the sweetest things for people.  The other day I was coughing and in walked Ashley trying to hand me her sippy cup.  It was so kind.  Instead of my initial “No, thank you” reaction, I sucked it up and drank out of the sipply cup.

It wasn’t pleasant, kids get some disgusting food particles inside of those, but it wasn’t about me.  It was about respecting her kindness and showing her that her thoughtfulness had helped me.

The reason I am this way with the girls is because I want them to know that they are worth it.  They are worth everything in the world and what they have to say is important to me, and it needs to be important to their future partners as well. I love these three little girls with every ounce of my being.

Christmas Trees Sydney

I know, I know, I live in the northern hemisphere and Christmas isn’t for another few months. But I couldn’t resist sharing a little story, I myself was reminded of recently by John. It was during one of our first Christmas’s with Cindy, back when our little family was a wee bit smaller. We had decided to spend Christmas weekend at Cindy’s grandparent’s home, and despite our close relationship to them this was no easy task. Trust me, when it comes to Christmas, I don’t leave anything to chance. The house is always strategically decorated for Fall so I only have to take down half the decorations to be ready for Christmas. The tree arrives on Thanksgiving – everything is planned out. Perhaps I leave the gifts for the end, but that tree never gets left up to chance.

As a child, Christmas was always a magical time for me. I woke up Christmas morning into a wonderland of my most treasured dreams, anything was possible. It was something I always wanted to keep alive in my own family. But as any trip to grandma and grandpa’s house will reveal to you, traditions are hard work.

Bottom-line: Cindy’s grandparents were not Christmas super-fans like myself. In fact, there wasn’t a single log in the fire, no mistletoe, not lights, and most devastating of all… there was no tree. Now, I am in no way chastising them or think it is wrong in any way to not decorate your house Grizwald-style, it was just such a foreign experience to me. Cindy was in tears at the lack of tree, and I nearly was too because, you see, to us the Christmas tree held more spirit and importance than Santa Claus. Even when I spent the holidays in Sydney, Australia, my parents were sure to at least have a tree for Christmas.

My parents called it, “The Magic Tree.” Every Christmas Eve night, I would stand beneath the tree and wish for everything I wanted as I placed my ornaments on its branches – the Christmas Tree Man, or Santa, would then deliver the gifts while I slept. There was something so amazing about those moments, that even as an adult I take part in the wishing; and as a mother it was something I knew I had to share with my girls.

I knew I had to do something. So I flipped through the yellow pages while John flipped through his phone. “I found something!” I remember hearing him say. To my disbelief, he had found a business called Christmas Tree Man. It was a miracle if I had ever seen one. Christmas Tree Man delivers and installs live Christmas trees into your own home. I knelt down and told Cindy that everything would be okay, that we would be getting a tree in time for Christmas Eve. Through her sniffles she asked, “Did my wish come true?”

I remember smiling, “Yes. The Christmas Tree Man is delivering it personally.” Cindy jumped into arms, full of joy. I remember right then and there, that I would do everything I had to if it meant putting a smile on my daughter’s face



As this is my first blog post I would like to begin by explaining how we’ve decided became All Knowledge Adopters.

John and I were attempting to have a child for about two and a half years but to no avail. We had discussed being foster parents, but hadn’t started the process until one day we got a call from a friend of ours asking if we would take her grandchild that was in state custody. We were lucky and the state certified us as special certification foster parents. We had to fill out a lot of paperwork, get fingerprinted and start the home study process before the kids could move in but things moved pretty fast.

As little Cindy entered our lives John and I started going to bed every night smiling, we finally had a family. At first everything was new and a little bit difficult for all of us, but as more time passed the closer and better relationship we built. I will never forget the first time she called me her mommy 🙂

After quite a while Department of Human Resources gave us full custody of her. Shockingly enough it was a single sheet of paper and signing it felt just so… indescribable.  Our little Cindy was ours food good now and there was no one to come between us.

We’ve kept very close contact with her grandparents as they were our friends and sometimes we would visit her parents too. She loved seeing them but they had some personal problems I would rather not go into. Our little Cindy has two mommies, two daddies and a looooot of grandparents. And she loves spending time with all of them. She is shockingly social, especially when compared to an introvert like myself and have comments ready for everything like the little smartass she is.

Eventually we’ve realized how happy she was, with how many loving people she is surrounded with, and just how insanely happy we’ve become since she came into our lives and enriched them. “So, lets get another!” my husband said one day, suffice to say I agreed immediately.

After a lot of discussion we have decided for adoption. Cindy entered our family when she was five and half years old, and this time we wanted to have a little baby in our home. A new challenge some might say 🙂

I will avoid going through all the hardships of paperwork and such details as that is not the subject I want to share here. I would like to share the moment we entered a ward and we heard a single baby crying, as it turned out it was a tiny little lady weighting at 8 pounds named Amanda. As I was told I immediately turned into a little girl myself as I kept jumping around and repeatedly saying “She’s sooo cuuute, so cuuuute. Oh my god just so cuute! I want to hold her! Can i hold her? Oh my god she’s soooooooooo cuuuuute!”. That was it, she was already in my heart.

We met her biological parents very short after. They were a very young couple which couldn’t afford taking care of Amanda and was against abortion. Their names are Christopher and Lucy, and as it turns out close friends of ours to this very day.

Now, taking in a little baby was suffice to say interesting. I feel like I am a champion of sleepless nights filled with cries, a living legend when it came to concern that Amanda might be feeling ill. As much as I thought I was prepared, I wasn’t. But eventually I became a master when it comes to changing diapers, preparing quick meals, jumping around whole house day and night just trying to get things down and take care of my three kids (John included). I was insanely tired, and double that happy with my life.

Chris and Lucy started visiting us often and spend quality time with Amanda, I’ve gotten a little bit (A LOT) worried that they might want her back but somehow I was reassured that was not the case. That’s when I realized that every parent just wants to be a part of their child’s life. When knowing how it would make me feel to have her disappear out of my life, how could I possibly be able to keep them away. So we saw each other often, and our friends and family kept on growing, and by that I mean we decided to adopt yet another one 🙂

When we met Ashley she was 10 months old, her parents didn’t want anything to do with her. Just literally didn’t care at all, it was a shocking experience knowing someone wouldn’t care about such little bundle of joy. Perhaps it especially upset me since I cannot even have a child of my own, I do not know. Ashley is our latest addition to the family, our little blue eyed angel has celebrated her first birthday recently. Cindy is acting like a big girl and takes good care about her little sisters.

We are now one huge happy family.