Trip to the beach

Last week we went to the Jekyll Island and had just amazing time. It was also the first time any of our girls have seen the ocean, such vast amount of water. They couldn’t get over how much water there is 🙂

John was teaching Cindy how to swim while I was taking care of Amanda and Ashley. She was so scared but yet so brave, now that I think about it she was more scared entering the cold water then that her father will let go of her. She was a fast learner, swimming like a cute little puppy at first, moving her hands fast under water.
angrychildAs she was walking out of water she just stared at me. I was wondering why is my girl so upset? Have I done something? She continued to stare at me and just said “You promised me ice cream if I will be able to swim.” Oh how I laughed. That girl really loves her ice cream 🙂

So we got the ice cream, we walked on the beach, we talked. It was such a great experience to see how all our girls were happy, marveling at the world, and playing with sand. I live for moments like those.