Well its this time of the year again. That very problematic time of the year if you have a huge family and lots of people coming for Christmas dinner. But a woman have to do her thing and cook, and prepare everything some would say.

Well not this woman, John is an excellent cook and my sister will be coming to help out as well. So hopefully everything will go well. The big question for me was what kind of presents will I get for my family.


John loves all sorts of gadgets and Cindy is just like him. Amanda and Ashley are still very young, I guess I won’t have any problems there. My sister already told me she wants what she wants, Google Glass. Good luck with that huh? Rest of my family is surprisingly easy to shop for. Some like to read, others love clothes and so on. But what about gadgets, what kind of technology should I get to John since he already has everything I can think of. I could really use some ideas from my dearest readers.

He have a desktop pc, a laptop and a smartphone. Cindy have a sturdy little Nokia phone to ensure it doesn’t brake. Should I perhaps buy a new phone for John and give her his old one? Hmmm.. but his phone is only couple of months old. I suppose I am left with my thoughts. I still got a little bit of time! 🙂

What about the blog readers, are you guys looking forward to Christmas? What kind of things do you desire from your loved ones?