Home Schooling


Before getting into details of how it is to home school your kids and what might be positive and negative aspects of it allow me to explain how I’ve decided to become a private teacher to my angels 🙂

Not long after Cindy started kindergarten she came to me in tears saying she doesn’t want to go to school anymore and didn’t want to take her bag at all. After inquiring with her for a little while she said that the day before another girl told her she was ugly and said that no matter how cute her outfit is, she will always be ugly. I hugged her and thought what my next move would be.

angrySo after talking her into coming to school with me and promising I will take care of it I went to speak to her teacher. She agreed that such behavior is unacceptable and proceeded to lecture class about how important it is to be nice. But the name calling continued and talking with the girls parents didn’t help at all. One day as I came to pick up Cindy she was all in tears, obviously crying for a while. As I asked what happened she didn’t respond but just showed her little toy horse, its stuffing has fallen out.

I was furious and asked her who did it, she pointed at the girl who was still sitting at her desk, coloring her book. As I approached her I kept wondering how could such small kids be so mean. I knelled down to her and told her she have to stop being mean towards Cindy, that she is hurting her feelings.

She looked in my eyes, and laughed.

I’m was an teacher before Amanda came into my life and became a housewife. I was so upset after that point that I didn’t care about other options and said I was going to school her at home, for a little while. Well as it turns out home schooling is doing great as you will see in my next blog post. Cindy is very happy, smart and loves to socialize.