Jobs That Will Still Make Sense In 20 Years


As a mother, sometimes I look at my little girls and wonder if I’m doing the best for them. In the world we live in today, everything is being automated and outsourced. It’s moving at such a fast pace that it’s worrying to think that what we’re teaching our kids today, may not be relevant to them as adults. It got me to thinking about some jobs that will always be in demand, and are likely to stand the test of time.

It is important, when thinking about educating your kids to focus on areas of leadership, innovation and creativity. This is one of the main reasons I ultimately decided to home-school my girls. Creativity is stamped out of kids minds at an early age. They’re not taught to think outside the box, they are taught to be “workers”, and to pass tests.

It’s also really difficult for young kids to learn to believe in themselves when they are faced with bullies everyday at school. This is something my own daughter struggled with and was one of my influences to home-school. So many kids have such poor self confidence that they never get a chance to express who they are and to be natural leaders.

So here are some careers that I believe will still be viable in 2034, 20 years from now:

1) Chef: This one is a no-brainer. There is no way we will be able to fully automate cooking. Even though they’re experimenting with 3D printing food, I just don’t think that will ever be able to replace the experience of eating a tastefully prepared meal from a talented chef. Food is both an art and a science, and there is a reason people still go out to restaurants to eat good food as opposed to buying everything in cans. This is one career that won’t ever be rendered obsolete.

2) Startup CEO: Leadership and motivation cannot be outsourced. In the future it is estimated that a lot of companies will be run by a much smaller staff, simply because there will be less of a need. If you train your kids to wait on a “job” they may never find it. The world is always open for new ideas. For example, Snapchat recently turned down a deal from Facebook for 3 billion dollars. They only had 20 employees! We have to teach our kids to be confident in themselves and their ideas, and also to follow through!

3) Fashion Designer: Fashion will never die. Fashion has been around ever since we donned our first loin cloth, and it will be here for thousands of decades to come. Fashion design requires creative input that cannot be replicated by any machine. While the manufacturing of garments is notoriously outsourced, the creative genius behind top designs are what keeps brands prestigious and keeps them afloat. It’s also this same genius that produces young designers flourishing on the scene each year.

4) Website Broker: The majority of corporations being expected to form in the future will be internet based. Tech Startups and even eCommerce websites all have a strong presence online. Both the selling and acquisition of these multimillion dollar internet based business will have to be negotiated and managed by a website broker.

5) Stylist: Stylists and aestheticians will never be out of demand. Men and women will always want to feel beautiful and well groomed right? I know several stylists who are excellent at what they do and are successful business owners. There is something about the precise skill and dexterity required when shaving or styling someone’s hair that will never be able to be replicated by robots.