Protecting Your Family Against Break-Ins


This guest post was written by Nathan Hughes from

A burglar came to my neighbours house recently. At the discovery of the intruder she bravely let out a scream waking up the whole household. At the sound of her scream, the would-be thief ran off.

Unfortunately, in my line of work a lot of people aren’t as lucky. Usually, they are not home and the thieves have broken in and taken off with their possessions.

I consider myself a lucky man. My wife and I live in a good house in a nice neighbourhood. Our neighbours are great and we look out for each other.

But as someone in the security industry, it has made me think.

I like to think that I would go “Kung Fu” and kick some intruder butt. However, the reality is I don’t know what I would do if an intruder entered my home.

The best way is to secure my home so it never comes to that situation.

Here are some tips I recommend for any family home.

Firstly, get some visibly strong locks. Intruders will try and get in through your doors and windows. A deterrent like a visible and sturdy lock is a good step towards security.

A lot of people also forget to lock their doors. This might sound obvious, but our locksmiths have been called out to houses where people have been robbed while they were in the shower. It was a hot night, so they had their front doors open, but their screen door closed. The thieves had let themselves right in.

Always make sure to double check your windows and doors before leaving the home or going to bed. Make sure that your doors and windows all have sturdy locks and anti-entry devices to prevent the locks being removed from their frames.

Installing an alarm definitely helps. Believe it or not, a lot of people don’t have an alarm installed. If they do, people often forget to set it.

One suggestion I recommend is the installation of motion activated lights. These lights are designed to illuminate shadowed parts of your home and access points whenever something moves across the sensor. It’s handy. You can set it up so you don’t have to worry about flipping on a light when you are expecting visitors or taking out the garbage. It also acts as a good deterrent to anyone sneaking around your home.

A big weakness I have discovered over time is the back door of many homes. The front door is often sturdy, but the back door can be comparatively flimsy. It is an easy target for a would-be intruder to kick down. Make sure you install thick, solid wood doors on all entries to your home.

Another option to consider is installing a fireproof safe. If a thief does get into your house, then this adds an extra layer of security for your jewellery and other precious possessions. Make sure to bolt the safe to the floor otherwise, a strong intruder could carry it away and open it later.

Getting a locksmith in to assess the security of our home is a great idea. We can assess your house’s security and provide some excellent tips specific to your home as well.