The Legend of the Christmas Tree Man


Christmas Trees Sydney

I know, I know, I live in the northern hemisphere and Christmas isn’t for another few months. But I couldn’t resist sharing a little story, I myself was reminded of recently by John. It was during one of our first Christmas’s with Cindy, back when our little family was a wee bit smaller. We had decided to spend Christmas weekend at Cindy’s grandparent’s home, and despite our close relationship to them this was no easy task. Trust me, when it comes to Christmas, I don’t leave anything to chance. The house is always strategically decorated for Fall so I only have to take down half the decorations to be ready for Christmas. The tree arrives on Thanksgiving – everything is planned out. Perhaps I leave the gifts for the end, but that tree never gets left up to chance.

As a child, Christmas was always a magical time for me. I woke up Christmas morning into a wonderland of my most treasured dreams, anything was possible. It was something I always wanted to keep alive in my own family. But as any trip to grandma and grandpa’s house will reveal to you, traditions are hard work.

Bottom-line: Cindy’s grandparents were not Christmas super-fans like myself. In fact, there wasn’t a single log in the fire, no mistletoe, not lights, and most devastating of all… there was no tree. Now, I am in no way chastising them or think it is wrong in any way to not decorate your house Grizwald-style, it was just such a foreign experience to me. Cindy was in tears at the lack of tree, and I nearly was too because, you see, to us the Christmas tree held more spirit and importance than Santa Claus. Even when I spent the holidays in Sydney, Australia, my parents were sure to at least have a tree for Christmas.

My parents called it, “The Magic Tree.” Every Christmas Eve night, I would stand beneath the tree and wish for everything I wanted as I placed my ornaments on its branches – the Christmas Tree Man, or Santa, would then deliver the gifts while I slept. There was something so amazing about those moments, that even as an adult I take part in the wishing; and as a mother it was something I knew I had to share with my girls.

I knew I had to do something. So I flipped through the yellow pages while John flipped through his phone. “I found something!” I remember hearing him say. To my disbelief, he had found a business called Christmas Tree Man. It was a miracle if I had ever seen one. Christmas Tree Man delivers and installs live Christmas trees into your own home. I knelt down and told Cindy that everything would be okay, that we would be getting a tree in time for Christmas Eve. Through her sniffles she asked, “Did my wish come true?”

I remember smiling, “Yes. The Christmas Tree Man is delivering it personally.” Cindy jumped into arms, full of joy. I remember right then and there, that I would do everything I had to if it meant putting a smile on my daughter’s face